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Investing Worldwide in Intellectual Property ( IP )


AB International Group Corp.

Establishments primarily engaged in owning or leasing franchises, patents, and copyrights then in turn license others to use.

AB Cinemas| Movies | Video Streaming Service | IP Licenses  

Movie Theatres - AB Cinemas (
The service is release Hollywood films and more feature films screenings.
Video Streaming Service - ABQQ.TV ( 

The service is currently providing streaming for Chinese movies and TV dramas which the company granted the online broadcast license. 

About us

AB International Group Corp.(ABQQ) was incorporated in Nevada on July 29, 2013. is an intellectual property (IP) and movie, TV show, music and such contents investment and licensing firm, focused on acquisitions and development of various intellectual property. We are engaged to acquisition and distribution of movies,TV show, music and such contents. The Company has a Patent License to a video synthesis and release system for mobile communications equipment, in which the technology is the subject of a utility model patent in the People's Republic of China. The Company engages highly anticipated video streaming service targeting global multi-billion dollar and growing video streaming industry. The online service will be marketed and distributed in the world under the brand name is expected to generate a new and profitable revenue stream immediately following its launch derived from its hybrid subscription and advertising business model.

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