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Arefilm successfully developed a merging and editable videos app with patented technology.


VideoMix ---- the world's first mobile video editing, filming and production tool, automatically blends your video clips and any of your favorite videos (any snatches of political and economic celebrities, TV and entertainment talents, sport stars etc.) into an incredible film. Just a few minutes, you can let yourself enter into the cool video you have chosen and complete a magical performance with your favorite scenes and characters! For instance, you can directly go to the White House, stand among Donald Trump and his daughters and give the New Year speech to the whole world. This is neither a dream, nor a photo! Instead, this is the vivid video made by VideoMix ! The most important thing is that this tool is free.

VideoMix will bring you surprises by using your video clips and any other videos to create magnificent films (no worries – the film default is private and you can always choose not to publicly release the feature in the settings).

Happy Holidays! Use a festive or Christmas video to propagate happiness and joy! Let’s make you and any of your aspired videos to become a beautiful festive film by using our Happy Holliday production style!

My Touching Time production style! Put your favorite moments or ingenuity personalities, together with any of your dream videos, to create a touching film which brings you knowing smiles even years ago.

Achieve your dream by VideoMix ! Only 20 seconds, you can create a sensational film.

Try to imagine, this instant video editing tool, with the function of blending your favorite videos with your self-shot videos together, can convert your self-shot videos to a masterpiece in which you co-star with super stars. VideoMix is the simplest way for you to transform the dream you even dare not to imagine before to a real touching fairy tale.

Use our “Play Me If You Love Me” production style to kick the prologue for the self-entertainment of 7 billion people! Cheer for your friends and add #idol in the film title!

How does this magical tool function?

You need not to be a video editor, nor have any understanding on video editing. VideoMix will let you directly enter into the movie or video you love and hug both of you tightly together to create a professional film which allows you to share with your friends proudly.

Magical functions:

* Analyze videos and choose the best part for fun editing by an unprecedented artificial

   intelligence technology

* Share videos to WeChat, Weibo, Youku, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Email, 

   YouTube and even WhatsApp

* Create your own album, publicly or privately share and organize your films

* Add your films to public albums and join cooperation with people who have common


* Automatic video stabilization, filters, effects, transitions and overall production

* Facial recognition to detect important figures in the video

* Add background from your device or VideoMix’s Licensed material library

* Access your movies from any deviceswhich support the application

* Add Instagram, MP4 movies, and more!

* A variety of styles, such as Holidays,Independent Art, Country, and more!

* Many production styles producing stunning Christmas movies, New Year movies,birthday movies, baby videos and wedding videos!

The entire production can process in your devices offline. It would only cost you 1-2 Mb data usage if you take source materials from VideoMix’s licensed material library.

You can even share and post your VideoMix creations and use the simplest way to discover the most wonderful and amusing people and stories around the world. Later or sooner you will be famous and popular on the network once you get recommended!

★ Share this to your friends via WeChat, Weibo, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and etc.

Download the app and install in it your smartphone. After installing, you just need to press the button to make your film.

Mix and edit your video with your idol or any person you like

You can merge your own video to merge the other video to mix them

together. From this video, it seems that you watched dumping water on Trump's head.

Sample 1
Sample 2

Go get it for fun. You can download it from Google Play or IOS.

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