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WeChat Official Account 爱遍全球

It is a worldwide performers agency platform welcoming all performers, organizers and owners of places and equipment to join our smart matching. They can successfully make use of their spare time, places and equipment for maximizing their earning.
We also provide digital payment service for all shop merchants in China. All shop merchants can use our service t o receive their customers' payment by Wechat Pay.

爱遍全球 (WeChat Official Account) provides Microblogging messaging application platform solution for foreign companies to explore the China market through Weibo,  Weixin & WeChat.


With WeChat Official Account - 爱遍全球, you can cooperate with foreign media companies to invite and make appointments with pop stars to work for you in China market or foreign country market.

If you want to acquire much more KOL influencers in your business, it is the best way to work with our WeChat Offical Account 爱遍全球. The prevalence of social media use among consumers has given rise to a large pool of digital influencers. Influencers are called KOLs (key opinion leaders).

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From our WeChat Offical Account 爱遍全球, you can see it is easy for you to acquire much more KOL, Pop Stars, Actor, Actress, Stuntman, Camera Man & Calefare in your business. You can also register your information in our system and list yourself in our list and let requirers contact you for their business. So you can see our service is like a matchmaker for both sides. 

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WeChat Official Account
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