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A Merging and Editable Videos Smartphone App with Patented Technology
PRC Utility Model Patent Registration No. ZL201520460119.7

AB International Group Corp.(ABQQ) was incorporated in Nevada on July 29, 2013. is engage in the business of IP licenses, focused on acquisition and development of intellectual property, is an IP investment and licensing firm. On June 1, 2017, we entered into a Patent License Agreement (the "Agreement") pursuant to which Guangzhou Shengshituhua Film and Television Company Limited, a company incorporated in China ("Licensor"), granted the Company a worldwide license to a video synthesis and release system for mobile communications equipment, PRC (China) utility model patent registration No. ZL201520460119.7 for smartphone VideoMix ( the "Patent"). Under the Agreement we are able to utilize, improve upon, and sub-license the patent for 10 years. It's currently generates revenue by sub-license monthly fee from a smartphone app of Android. We are in the process of using the underlying technology to create a smartphone video mix app as well as the social video sharing platform.


As you know, there is a huge market in China. With our patent with this VideoMix, media companies can make their cartoon or movie characters play with audiences and can earn quite a lot of money from this patented technology. We are open to license our patent to any media company who wants to publish their cartoon or movie characters with our patented technology. 

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IP Licenses
Mix and edit your video with your idol or any person you like

You can merge your own video to merge the other video to mix them

together. From this video, it seems that you watched toy aircraft flying in the sky.

Sample 1
Sample 2
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